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A Mount Mercy Academy education has long been synonymous with academic excellence. 

For generations, our students have developed the skills to work hard and thrive under our rigorous college preparatory curriculum that includes honors, advanced placement and college-level courses.  
While these high standards for academic excellence remain, our approach is widening as we have shifted to Project-Based Learning.

Research shows Project-Based Learning is a new and innovative teaching method where students gain knowledge and problem solving skills by working to investigate and respond to authentic, engaging, and complex questions and challenges.

Social Emotional

Our focus is to help to shape our students to become well-rounded individuals with the confidence and skills to overcome the many obstacles by giving them the tools to overcome these challenges.  

We have structured our schedule to dedicate time within the school day to focus on social interactions with others by using a restorative approach that teaches effective communication skills and highlights the importance of expressing ourselves in a positive and productive manner.  

Groups are facilitated in order to address concerns relevant to a variety of topics based on needs in order to create a school culture of kindness and compassion.

Explore Our Academies


Science & Healthcare Academy

Partnership with Catholic Health

Mount Mercy Academy offers a unique career internship program for students to experience different professions first hand.  Students will have the opportunity to interact with professionals in the field of their choice as well as have exposure to many other careers. 

Buisness Academy

The Magic Market & Wizard Wear

The Buisnes and Finance Academy at Mount Mercy advocates the creation of women owned buisnesses. As a result, we have been able to open and run two of our very own businesses within the walls of Mount Mercy Academy. 


Leadership Academy

Partnership with Catholic Health

The Mount Mercy Leadership Academy has achieved an impressive level of prestige based on the rigorous curriculum.  Students from local 8th grade middle schools compete for acceptance into the academy based upon the recommendation of their middle school principal.  Students who participate in the Leadership Academy complete service work, both in and out of school, that incorporates the Critical Concerns of the Sisters of Mercy.  

Visual Arts Academy

Advanced Placement Studio Art

The Visual Arts Academy provides students with a solid foundation in the arts through a sequence of academic courses, career exploration opportunities, and inspiring interactions with fellow students, faculty, and professional artists.  This academy is suitable for beginners and intermediate artists, looking to deepen their skillset, understanding, and techniques.

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